Best practices

Best practices for intercultural awareness

Through this project, the Fundació Agricultors Solidaris has set itself the target of identifying, disseminating and promoting best practices in intercultural awareness projects in schools, which include a range of methodologies worked on in programmes that are jointly funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the Spanish Ministry of Employment and Social Security, as part of the programmes to promote interculturality and facilitate acceptance of diversity in society, especially in schools.

Experiences and projects in previous editions are analysed, the projects most closely in tune with the objectives are selected and the organisations involved are contacted, so that they can share their experiences and activities through this website, to share best practices and disseminate them among the educational community to improve results in future intercultural awareness projects.



To social organisations, schools, teachers, community workers, social workers and other educational staff who want to learn about and make use of methodologies that promote multiculturalism and acceptance of diversity.


The Fundació Agricultors Solidaris has since 2001 been developing socio-occupational inclusion projects and carrying out a programme in social responsibility awareness and training in the workplace aimed at agricultural employers (responsible hiring, diversity management, occupational hazards, balancing work and private life, managing human resources by competence). It has also developed migration awareness projects in rural schools, with workshops based on life stories, multicultural games, storytelling and murals, projects valued both by the organisations and by volunteers, community workers and immigrants, as well as multidisciplinary projects that provide the chance to exchange experiences, knowledge and values of other cultures and traditions in school classrooms.