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An intercultural awareness project with young people


Pinardi Social Platform Federation


  • Central headquarters Entity: C/Marqués de la Valdavia, 2. C.P.28012 Madrid
  • Center Execution Pinardi-Valora : & NBSP; C/ Queen Victoria, 27. C.P. 28982 Parla, Madrid.

Contact: 914681252

Web: & nbsp;

Project description

Valuarte is an intercultural awareness project with young people where we seek to favor the participation, inclusion and coexistence based on prevention activities in the classrooms, workshops to value you, and leisure and free time activities.

workshops value you

The activity of workshops assess, is carried out in the institutes of the municipality of Parla, with high school students, FPB CFGM, throughout the entire school year, distributed in three sessions per classroom. & nbsp;

The workshops aim to work, with young people, the prevention of violence. From the game and representation, we can see, in practice, what masks or behavior prototypes we use in our relationships. Reflecting on this, while having fun, leads us to contact our emotions, with the intelligence of our body, and integrate the image we want to express in the world with whom we feel we are really.

Participation, equality, and coexistence transform the game into a style of being with others. Playing and representing we can improve coexistence with our peers and our relationships in general, making them more authentic and happy. Our educational commitment is to prevent sharing, in an experiential way, the tools that facilitate relationships.

leisure and free time:

Leisure and free time activities are a meeting, relationship and enjoyment space between peers, which enable the young recipients of the acquisition and maintenance of healthy habits in their moments of leisure and free time. P>

They also suppose the opportunity to contribute, from non -formal educational environments, to optimize the socialization process of young people.

These activities constitute one of the areas of intervention & nbsp; with greater relevance & nbsp; for educational work, due to the great acceptance they have for young people, in addition to greatly promoting the development of their creative, artistic and innovative capacity, aspects that facilitate its integration.

General Objective

Promote participation, inclusion and coexistence among the young population

specific objectives

  • 1. Promote cohesive experiences in the field of multiculturalism.
  • 2. Favor meeting spaces. encouraging peer education in educational and participation actions; and generating swords of empowerment, trust and expression of personal and group capacities.
  • 3. Favor education spaces from free time to improve intercultural coexistence and the promotion of healthy fun.

Activities carried out

The developed proposal of workshops valued , uses a symbolic language related to video games (Fortnite) and social networks (Instagram). Try to drive the sessions approaching the reality that live in a virtual dimension, where, too, their identity is related and develop. & nbsp;

The methodology is fundamentally experiential and participatory. The three workshops that make up this proposal are:

  • First workshop “edit your profile”: we seek to know the image we present to others at play and in groups; understand the concepts of self -image and self -esteem; and participate through game and representation based on theatrical techniques, nonverbal communication and group communication.
  • Second workshop “without filters”: & nbsp; Its objectives are to establish interpersonal relationships from truth, sincerity and authenticity; recognize the value and dignity of the other person who wants to relate to me (be autonomous, independent and free); Learn not to instrumentalize the other person against their will. A participatory methodology is used through body communication, sensory experience and group communication.
  • Third Workshop “Underway”: aims to guarantee the right of every human being to express themselves, respecting their emotional needs and those of other people and reach loyalty with themselves to enrich relationships with other people; through theatrical improvisation techniques, group communication.


  • URBAN CAMP: totality of the participants as the educators; foster coexistence in respect for diversity (different cultural, economic and social realities of the participants); educate in respect to the environment; and favor personal and group development. The educational criteria, guide to be carried out, are participation, teamwork, flexibility and communication, based on experience as a form of collective learning. The proposal is developed in the closest context of the participants, their city (Parla), also carrying out an exit of several days, which allows the implementation of coexistence skills in the group. >
  • excursion to the Sierra de Guadarrama : & nbsp; The exit to the Sierra de Guadarrama Park is presented as an opportunity to learn about a close natural environment, and thus open the range of leisure possibilities enjoying the snow phenomenon, in a “good atmosphere” of coexistence and respect. >

We continue working our relationships. It seeks to awaken an ecological awareness, based on respect for life, its flora, fauna, and the use of natural resources and celebrate a day of coexistence where to continue favoring personal growth from the relationship with others, in a natural environment . Playing in a group and observing the behavior of some animals with their herd, as a “mirror”, we question what our style of being and being with the others is.

  • “Arts and Sports” day: the development of an activity that brings us closer to the municipality and allows us to celebrate a day of coexistence where to follow favoring personal growth from the relationship with other people, in an urban environment.

This seeks to offer leisure alternatives, in the city and in the parks, in which a healthy way of relating to equals and adults from activities that provide entertainment, fun and personal satisfaction is encouraged. Favoring the understanding, valuation and respect of the positive and rewarding aspects that exist in its urban and cultural environment.

Assessment, continuity and conclusions of the project

The activities carried out in the Project Valarte attend to & NBSP needs; concrete of young women, which are fundamental for their personal and group development, as well as their integration.

The workshops value you already have a tour since their beginning, in 2015, in the prevention of violence in relations from work in the classroom. They have received very positive assessments from the 7 Public Institutes of Parla in which they are taught, both for the orientation services of the centers, which each year request the service, as well as by the teachers and the students who emphasize the utility and benefits that contributes this type of intervention in your evaluations.

On the other hand, the development of leisure and free time activities, provide the complementary plan to achieve the objectives of participation, inclusion and coexistence among the young population, generating meeting spaces that promote personal and group development and that have great acceptance by the participants.

elaborated materials

  • workshops value you: Guide EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS VALARTE ( attach > Cartel Activity: “Arts and Sports 2019” ( attached )