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Awareness actions that promote interculturality in educational centers



Sensitize the education sector, through informative material and the specific training of educators and agents who work for the full integration of the immigrant population in school; to favor the promotion of interculturality and acceptance of diversity in the social environment.

Project description

Develop specific actions aimed at education professionals to favor good management of diversity in educational centers, the acquisition of more extensive knowledge and competences on interculturality and prevention of bullying, and determine their role as mediating agents in the Educational context


  • <bas sensitize and promote interculturality among schoolchildren of educational centers that in turn multiply their support for diversity
  • phase 2. training of educators and agents involved In integration: enable the educators and social agents involved in the integration of the immigrant population, training in intercultural mediation skills with the immigrants collective
  • phase 3. Information in classrooms: meetings with educators for information on program objectives, participants selection, interested in preparing P as transmitting agents with awareness activities