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Columbares. Intercultural Community Intervention Project in the Barri dels Rosers


  • Address: C / Adrián Viudes, 9 30570 BENIAJAN
  • Contact: Anne-Charlotte Lamasse (Anncha) 699 12 77 99 // 968 82 42 41
  • Web:

Project description:

It is an Intercultural Community Intervention program in a neighborhood with a high immigrant population index. Creative workshops of percussion, guitar, theater, soccer, approach to the circus arts, and audiovisual directed to the children and young people of the neighborhood are carried out. It is a comprehensive intervention that has two intercultural mediators involved in schools and institutes. Its work is essential to boost the participation of families and good communication between teachers, family and students.

This program also has a space for integration where young people are prepared for ESO and / or middle grade tests as well as attention to orientation and nationality test preparation.

Community activities are also developed with different quality shows and / or interesting talks. (Prevention of bullying, truancy, environment …)
The Forum for Coexistence is another activity that arises from the need of professionals (schools, social services, social entities, neighborhood associations) to have a place of coordination and reflection on the common problems found in daily work in the neighborhood. It is a work place to find solutions and new intervention tools in order to cover the needs detected in different areas of activity such as school, social services or neighborhood life with the different associations present. It is a support network that optimizes resources and carries out a global and efficient intervention.


  • African percussion workshop
  • Guitar workshop
  • Live Music Workshop (set of instruments)
  • Audiovisual workshop
  • Women’s / men’s / mixed soccer workshop
  • Workshop on the approach to circus arts.
  • Theater workshop
  • Dance workshop
  • Mediation in schools
  • Recycling workshop
  • Spanish workshops for mothers and fathers
  • Theater workshop for mothers
  • Customer service for administrative and legal management
  • Excursions and cultural and leisure trips. (Theater, Circus, hiking …)
  • Forum for monthly coexistence: meeting, coordination and reflection among the professionals of the neighborhood (management teams, social services, entities, neighborhood association)
  • Environmental awareness