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solidarity work


  • Individual job orientation sessions
  • Group sessions for the improvement of cross -cutting skills (social skills, basic digital skills, etc.).
  • contact with companies and entities to improve the support network

  • Inform and advise users on issues related to work and training.
  • Support for self -employment through credits and counseling sessions.>


The program is combined, managed by the Solidarity Work

We work with women at risk of social exclusion or who have special difficulties in accessing the labor market. For this reason, individual insertion itineraries are designed, where all their skills, work experiences and skills are valued, and it is to improve employability through training and knowledge of the labor market.


The Combina program has been operational since 2017 and the women of the municipalities of Palma, Polena, Felanitx and Esporlas have been treated.

The insertion itinerary is a very useful tool for improving user skills.


avenue of Alexandre Rosselló 21, 6th floor
Palma de Mallorca
Tel. 971 726 732
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