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Institut diversitas



  • Rocafort, 242 bis, 3rd floor (Office 11)


    Promote the richness of diversity and combat discrimination.

    Project description

    A social initiative cooperative dedicated to the promotion of diversity in a broad sense, as well as offer tools for its management in various social fields. We also propose to evidence and contribute to overcome the dynamics of exclusion based on diversity. We work priority in the following axes of diversity/inequality: ·

    • Affective, sexual and gender diversity
    • Diversity of origin and cultural
    • Functional or disability diversity
    • Religious diversity
    • Generational diversity


  • Sensitization: workshops, talks, round tables, street activities, etc. Example: School campaign for human rights.
  • Training: oriented to different groups and on the different topics we work. Example: Schools per the equal iDotat i La Diversitat Example: Supervision of social services equipment.
  • Applied research: diagnoses, local or sectoral plans, project evaluation, etc. Example: LGTBI Local Plan+
  • Community projects: aimed at promoting positive coexistence in diversity in specific specific contexts. Example: Vincles per la diveitat.