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Integral network of intercultural spaces: sensitization by a diverse, inclusive and citizen society (RIEI)



Sensitize the community in the three localities of action, to favor an inclusive discourse, of understanding and respect for differences, coexistence and positive relations, which favor respect for the right to equality and promote the value of a society diverse, through the creation of platforms in favor of awareness against racism, xenophobia and associated intolerance.

Project description

Riei tries to encourage interaction and constructive dialogue between the nationals of third countries and Spanish society, promoting tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity by all, in order to eliminate obstacles that They can prevent foreign persons for full use and enjoy their fundamental rights and that can directly influence their legal regime. Implement actions aimed at the integration of the immigrant population through the promotion of coexistence, respect for diversity and intercultural relationships,


  • Ubuntu space: playful-pedagogical workshops for minors in the neighborhood in order to sensitize intolerance and xenophobia.
  • Web sensitization: dissemination of project activities through the official page The Spanish League of Education, Social Networks. 3. Informative day to professionals: advice on intercultural mediation and proposal for coexistence activities.
  • Street Mediation Space. Sar Day of coexistence.
  • Neither male, nor feminine. activities