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Entidad Accem

Intercultural awareness and participation of migrant families in school



Promote social participation and cohesion through intercultural education with the involvement of the entire educational community

Project description

& nbsp; promote the participation of migrant families in the educational community and in the process of social integration of minors. It constitutes a link between the educational community and the immigrant collective, intervening in educational and social aspects.

Activities & NBSP;

  • & NBSP; information to families about our educational system: the offer that exists, the stages, the operation of the centers, the curricula, the methodology, the promotion, the economic aid and the procedures to access to them, etc. with direct mediation between the school community and the collective, translation work, accompaniment for scholarships.
  • & NBSP; Family Schools. Multicultural meeting groups, between native and immigrant families, equal families, that go through similar situations, facilitate an environment of trust and self -esteem to be able to function in the parental role that find it more coherent and adequate. Spanish.
  • Talks about the culture of origin. Object to disseminate the project while a space to listen to the voice of the educational community from an intercultural approach.