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Introductory course in the agricultural sector


Diagram Foundation


  • Improve social skills
  • Improve digital competitions
  • Food handler card
  • Management of agricultural machinery


It is a project carried out thanks to the PICE OF CAMBRERA, united pages. Diagram Foundation and the City Council of Santa María. Each entity contributes its grain of sand to carry out the training.

In this way, the Chamber of Commerce offers a core training of social skills and digital competences for improving employability.

Union of Farmers Teach the specific training of the course, Diagram Foundation contributes to the course with the contribution of young beneficiaries and the City Council of Santa María, produces a classroom in the public library, where classes are taught.


Currently, evaluation is very positive in all aspects, both in the organization, in the classes, as well as the attitude of the participants, which is the most important. They show a lot of motivation and good attitude.


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