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Learning service opportunities for social inclusion of migrants and refugees in the community of Madrid



Provide migrant people, applicants or beneficiaries of international protection with practical knowledge and tools to increase their possibilities of accessing a job, through its immersion in a community and relational experience.

bring the real needs of migrants, applicants or beneficiaries of

International protection, through a social use of curricular learning in a pedagogical experience of learning-service, where social inclusion can be contributed

Project description

The learning-service methodology opens the doors of the classrooms to be able to build a coexistence basis from relational support experiences with migrants and refugees.

From an improvement of social and citizen competence by young students of high school and/or professional training of 3 Madrid municipalities.


  • Micro diagnostic interviews with migrants and refugees. Selection of participating centers in collaboration with the teams
  • Of the local reception devices of Cear Madrid, presentation of the proposal from the experience at the Nelson Center. to the training and awareness needs of each of the centers.
  • Celebration of 3 sessions by center where we will use a didactic peer methodology. Share the service learning initiative with different local agents