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Liga de la Educación. Open Classrooms.


LIGA DE LA EDUCACIÓN Address: Calle Vallehermoso, 54 1st. 28015 Madrid Contact: 91 594 53 38 – Email: Web:

Project description:

Intercultural Open Classrooms is a program that aims to give continuity to the work carried out for years by the Spanish League of Education and Popular Culture (LEECP) in integration of minors and young people in the education system. Its objective is to promote the integration of minors and young people in the education system and guarantee the conditions of equality in access to it as a key instrument of active participation in society. This program works with children, young people and families within the school context, who present difficulties in their learning and socialization process, who are clearly disadvantaged and without resources to achieve educational objectives and have a high risk of abandonment and school failure The principles followed by this intervention are: 1. The need to promote equal access of these people to public education resources. 2. The promotion of equal opportunities. 3. The promotion of interaction and constructive dialogue between equals to promote tolerance and acceptance of cultural diversity by all people. Intercultural Open Classrooms, is an extracurricular educational program that promotes intercultural coexistence and helps compensate for inequalities and address special educational needs. objectiveəbˈjektiv Traducciones de objective AdjetivoFrecuencia objetivo objective, factual, realistic, detached material material, physical, objective, true con destino de objective Sustantivo elobjetivo objective, goal, target, aim, lens, end elcaso objetivo objective Definiciones de objective Adjetivo 1 (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. The only positive aspect that has emerged from the meeting is the fact that more objective members have started questioning the sudden conversion of Zuma into a friend of the workers and the masses. Sinónimos: impartialunbiasedunprejudicednonpartisandisinterestedneutraluninvolvedeven-handedequitablefairfair-mindedjustopen-mindeddispassionatedetached 2 of, relating to, or denoting a case of nouns and pronouns used as the object of a transitive verb or a preposition. Two prepositions should not govern one objective unless there is an immediate connection between them. Sustantivo 1 a thing aimed at or sought; a goal. The process is the means through which they seek to attain their objectives . Sinónimos: aimintentionpurposetargetgoalintentobjectendideapointdesignplanambitionaspirationdesirehope 2 definiciones más Ejemplos de objective This is anti – foundationalism, where the foundations were the hard facts of objective judgement and absolute truth. 29 ejemplos más Sinónimos de objective Adjetivo impartialfactualaccusativedocumentary Sustantivo aimobject glasstarget 39 sinónimos más


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  • School support
  • Individualized support
  • Social skills
  • C values education
  • pedagogical coordination School of families
  • Socioeducational Proposals
  • Evaluation and improvement