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Conselleria Afers socials i esport - serveis socials

Mallorca Information and Guidance Center for Immigrants (OFIM)


Ministry of Social Affairs and Sports – Directorate General of Social Services – Management for Studies SL


Inform, guide and take on the issues derived from the regulations of eschangeria, and also guarantee the second of the immigrant population, it serves the existing audiences and social ones in the same conditions as the authorship. The fundamental objective of Aches Servi is to foster the real integration of people, the sense Pere generates specific attention in matters for which there is already standardized attention.


The Mallorca Office is the commission and guidance of the Immigration Office on specifically foreign issues and the resources of the differences in the social welfare system (education, health, habitat, culture, Work, etc.). As well as facilitating the SSSOCIATION of immigrants in order to


  • Inform, guise and assume the population of services of immigrants. Institutions with Entities
  • Incorporate students into the practices.


They formalize information, murder and orientation to the immigrant population (office) if the device of the immigrant population that constitutes a specific resource of the social system of social. Although those of the Offs, they are, children, inform, guide and suppose, it is so that they are outside the equals of measured ones.


  • C/ D’Eusebi stay 48, basses.
  • 07004 Palma
  • Phone 971 76 45 88

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