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Asociación Marroquí para la integración de los inmigrantes

National Program for the Prevention of Islamophobia


Moroccan Association for the Integration of Immigrants


  • To pay specialized care in cases of Islamophobia discrimination,
  • Improve the knowledge of the victims of their existing rights and resources. The awareness and ability to detect discriminatory incidents by Islamophobia.


The project is made up of a heterogeneous staff, of different origin and professional profiles. In this way, as an association we have a special interest in understanding Islamophobia in a type of transversal discrimination and Inter -ssection.


  • The project has served for a total of 127,043 people in these three years, of which more than 50% were women (64,463).
  • In the section of activities dedicated to training and awareness, days and workshops have been maintained for a total of 8,698 people.
  • With regard to research, we have made three annual reports and two specialized articles, reaching a total of 4,464 readers.
  • 40,916 units of teaching material have been distributed.
  • Over the years, 307 potential victims of Islamophobia have been directly treated.


National Information Points Network: <a href= halltps:// attention to the victims of Islamophobia /P>

The Morocan Association for the Integration of Immigrants carries out socio -legendary care for the victims of Islamophobia through the technical and legal team of the National Program for the Prevention of Islamophobia.

is also enabled an online space that receives 24-hour applications through the APP-Islamophobia and the web:


Poster A.M. Islamophobia Download in>