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R.E.I (Red de Escuelas Interculturales). Cultural Diversity Awareness Program



  • R.E.I (Network of Intercultural Schools)

  • Address: C / Vallehermoso 54, 1st Floor

  • Contact: 91 5945338

  • Web:


The project of “Network of Intercultural Schools: program of” awareness of cultural diversity “is a project that develops the Spanish League of Education and Popular Culture since 2005.

During 2017, it has resumed the work of advancing in a true recognition of diversity in the socio-educational field, establishing the principle of Interculturality, as a mechanism of interaction between people of different origin and culture, promoting respect for diversity and creating true intercultural educational spaces.

One of the contributions has been the creation of didactic and pedagogical materials that we disseminate in the educational community, creating a true intercultural corner, which serves as a reference and support for teachers, students and families to build true intercultural schools.



  • Preparation of common proposals by the team of workers of the project, building common work structures that allow unifying ideas, perspectives and evaluation criteria.

  • Teacher training and agents of the educational community in interculturality, Human Rights and basic constitutional and statutory values.

  • Concrete actions with the students and teachers of the educational centers, working to promote awareness towards diversity, interculturality, peaceful coexistence, equal opportunities, gender focus, solidarity, etc.

  • I work with families. This work has served to multiply the sensitization effect. It has helped to create communities that take into account interculturality, sensitized to the reality that surrounds them, and criticize their opinions and actions.