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Radio ECCA. Canary Foundation.




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It is a project aimed at Educators and social agents of schools .

Phase 1. Promote the participation of educators

From the Radio ECCA Foundation we believe that teachers have in their hands the power to transform society from education, but as much enthusiasm, sensitivity, and vocation as they have, they will not be able to achieve the desired transformation the involvement and recognition of the rest of society for this reason the task of Education requires the participation not only of school but also family and social.

What we intend to achieve is that educators be future AGENTS transmitters of the causes and consequences of immigration and that they sensitize and foster interculturality among schoolchildren in schools that in turn multiply their support for diversity.

Educators must be informed of the issue of Immigration and sensitized to be the true transmitters and promote interculturality from the classroom.

For this we want to carry out the following activity: Dissemination of the Program, in schools for the recruitment of educators through different media: press, radio, Institutional website, etc.

Phase 2. Training of educators and agents involved in integration

The objective of this stage is to enable the educators and social agents involved in the integration of the immigrant population, training in intercultural mediation skills with the immigrant group.

The Program presented in this project is an important alternative for professionals since in a relatively short period they may have a specific qualification that will facilitate their mediation functions.

Phase 3. Information in the classrooms

Meetings with educators for information on program objectives, selection of participants, interested in preparing as transmitting AGENTS with awareness activities. In total it will be 4 hours of work that will be carried out by experts.

Once the first phase is finished, the educators will be in charge of informing and raising awareness in their classrooms with the same elements that they have used in a practical and interactive way.

To do this they will carry out dynamic actions among schoolchildren:


  • Direct intervention with schoolchildren. (6 hours). Educators interactively and through new technologies will involve school children in practical activities for their awareness and acceptance of immigration as a daily occurrence of the society in which they live. Their participation in radio programs will be proposed, dealing with topics such as Education and Integration, Social Action and Immigration.

  • Practices of schoolchildren who will be responsible for transmitting the knowledge acquired from the school, organizing “open days” to produce the multiplier effect that is intended to be achieved. drawings, murals, photographic exhibitions, radio programs etc, on” interculturality and acceptance of the diversity ”from the classroom.



  • Dissemination of the Program, in schools for the recruitment of educators through different media: press, radio, Institutional website, etc.

  • Training for educators (75h):

  • Diversity and intercultural mediation (60 hours)

  • Migration in the global world (15 hours)

  • Dynamic actions among schoolchildren