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Red welcomes. Educational and Social Integration for Immigrant Students

<! ' Elche, Valladolid, Orihuela and Vigo do in favor of the collective of migrant minors and their families in vulnerability, with the intention that these actions favor the maximum development of all students and the cohesion of all members of the educational community.

The work of associations, groups and groups is increasingly relevant in the development of values ​​and social participation in communities for the construction of a more supportive future. The attention that
offers consists of:

  • Plan for the reception and social integration
  • School support and linguistic integration
  • Intercultural education </s Sar .
  • Collaborative work. cultural diversity.
  • Equal rights.
  • Expression and experience of identity, based on mutual respect in a framework of democratic rights and duties. Understanding reality from different optics, “empathy.” IDades carried out

    <I Aids. 2.1 School support classes and socio -educational reinforcement during extracurricular schedule

  • 2.2 Preparation classes for obtaining the title of the E.S.A. H3>
    • 3.1 Family School
    • 3.2 Actions for the involvement of families in the school: talks, meetings, accompaniment to tutorials

    Block 4: Awareness activities for the prevention of racist and xenophobic attitudes and the promotion of interculturality

    • 4.1 days of promotion of interculturality with all the communication AD educational
    • 4.2 Workshops for the prevention of discriminatory attitudes with the students of the educational centers

    Block 5: leisure and free time activities and participation

    • 5.1 Information on leisure and free time resources in the area and mediation for the inclusion of immigrant minors and families in activities. /li>
    • 5.3. Social participation workshop
    • 5.4. Meeting and leisure activities with young immigrants and native
    • 5.5 Activities with minors in holiday periods