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asamblea cooperación por la paz

Schools without racism


  • Peace Cooperation Assembly/

Project description

Educational program that, in addition to pursue of all people and societies.
A framework of action and a work instrument to offer schools. It is a methodology, a way of doing and understanding education, which requires the participation of the entire educational community (teachers, students, families and non -teaching staff) to achieve the purpose of creating a more just and solidary society.



  • Training and tools to teachers to introduce, both in the explicit and hidden curriculum, in a transverse and permanent way, education for global citizenship.
  • Activities for interculturality and Appreciation of diversity as a source of enrichment in educational centers
  • Workshops for peaceful resolution through attitudes of respect for differences and non -violent resolution and regulation of conflicts.
  • Workshops to work the causes that originate inequalities and promote the joint search for actions to eradicate them.
    network work to strengthen the transforming capacity of the public school.