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Youth empowerment for the prevention of hate crimes due to racism or xenophobia




There will be three training activities with each group of young people around three thematic blocks.

First session:

  • Dynamics of presentation of the participants and generation of groups.

    Second session:

    dynamics for the promotion of the proactivity and cohesion of groups.

    Theoretical content: crimes and hate speech.

    Third session:

    • Theoretical and practical content: Leadership and Youth Participation: from the influence of couples to cyberactivism.
    • How to influence social media trends.
    • Tedtalk and Virality: Communication of messages persuasive.

    The project aims to reduce, denounce and prevent the discourse and hate crimes for the racism and xenophobia of young people’s empowerment as agents of change that affect the main spaces of youth relationships such as social networks and Leisure activities.

    To do this, a group of 16 to 30 will be formed for its enhancement of racist hate crimes in each center, of the cities linked to the project.


    Information materials are developed from the Communication Department explaining the content of the program.

    Mols and videos on social networks (Facebook, Instagram …)


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