Personal itineraries for integration for people aged over 45: Farming mentor

This project has allowed us to concentrate on people who on account of their age find it more and more difficult to work in farming. It has also allowed us to develop a new worker profile, the ‘Farming mentor’, who helps manage the human side of labour relations. The project spotlights age as an added value in the individual rather than as a handicap.

The process begins when users over the age of 45 applying for work are referred to the FPS by specialists in social and integration bodies in Lleida to take part in the programme. The FPS holds an introductory interview for everyone referred to the programme to explain what it consists of.

Socio-occupational diagnoses are performed. On the basis of the interview, personalised itineraries have been established that consider different types of guidance, workshops and occupational training. The integration process is completed with work on content and monitoring of labour relations.

The specific training included in this programme is as follows:

  • Best practices in fruit and vegetable harvesting
  • Phytosanitary applier
  • Agricultural machinery operator and maintenance
  • Unit in charge of work team (farming mentor). A new occupational category aimed at guidance and leadership in work teams (communication, problem solving, group leadership, guidance tools and teaching methods). A period of work experience is included as part of the training.