Codevelopment Encounters

Since 2001, the FPS has organised various activities in the field of awareness raising and educating for development. The most memorable were the codevelopment encounters, which ran to 12 editions, held on an annual basis, making them the longest-running encounters in Spain on the theme of codevelopment. These encounters showed up the positive relation there is between migration and development, both for the communities of origin and those of arrival, at the same time as they provided an opportunity to promote the human rights of immigrants, especially as regards employment, and to debate and try to influence the public policies affecting migratory processes.

In 2008, the FPS organised the Congrés Internacional de Codesenvolupament (International Codevelopment Congress) and since then other bodies have played a part in organising these encounters, among them Lleida City Council, through its Department of Civil Rights, Cooperation and Equality, the Coordinating Body for NGOs for Development and Other Solidarity Movements in Lleida and Lleida University’s Development and Cooperation Office. Thanks to this joint organisation, the encounters made a great splash and got extensive coverage. (photo encounter)