Immigration awareness project for schools in rural areas

The Fundació Agricultors Solidaris began running the ‘Immigration Awareness Project for Schools in Rural Areas’ in 2014. The project comprises the following elements:

  • School as an integrating educational tool
  • Integration as a two-way element
  • Ignorance of the cultures, traditions or religions of other countries on the part of the receiving population.

In this project, the school is conceived as an integrating tool with the object of raising awareness of the sociocultural facts of immigration among pupils of primary schools in rural areas and eliminating the associated prejudices and stereotypes.

The specific aims of the project are as follows:

  • To favour educational activities that raise multicultural awareness.
  • To eliminate prejudices and stereotypes associated with migration, through the direct knowledge of the life histories of immigrants living in our society.
  • To favour multicultural awareness-raising activities through games.
  • To promote intercultural vocabulary free of stereotypes and prejudices.
  • To promote creative activities that transmit the values of multicultural awareness.
  • To involve immigrants in explaining the sociocultural facts of their countries of origin and in taking part as judges in the mural competition.
  • To favour a single, unique training, using created teaching materials that underscore the values of tolerance and equality among pupils.

This project sets out to work with the migratory background of pupils using a multidisciplinary focus through the following educational activities:

  • The creation of INTERCULTURAL TEACHING MATERIAL, available for schools or teaching staff on request.
  • Real stories told first hand by immigrants (LIFE STORIES).
  • Enjoying and taking part in games from different countries (MULTICULTURAL GAMES).
  • Stories about fictional characters that involve children and get close to them in acquiring values (STORIES).
  • And, one last activity, for reflection and analysis, artistic expression of the feelings and emotions evoked (MURAL COMPETITION).