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General aim

To promote best practices in raising awareness in schools of the facts of migration, with the participation of all the agents involved: the educational community and public and private social organisations.


Specific aims

To study and systematise best practices used in the framework of the programmes jointly funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

    1. To select best practices used and contact with the organisations involved.
    2. To develop, design and implement a website for sharing best practices.
    3. To draw up a list of best practices to help identify ten principles to be considered basic in carrying out intercultural awareness projects in schools.
    4. To disseminate best practices in the educational community with the aim of improving the results of future intercultural awareness projects.

What is good practice in the educational environment?

Good practice is an action that guides us how to do a good job using methodologies and experiences already made that have achieved remarkable goals.
According to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, in education, good practice is an initiative, policy or model of successful action that improves school processes and the educational results of the students. The innovative character of a good practice is completed with its effectiveness. In this context, educational innovation goes far beyond the mere production of novelty; must demonstrate its effectiveness and replicability. Only in these conditions a practice becomes a “good practice”, that is, in the valid expression of a professional knowledge, formulated in a way that is transferable and, therefore, useful for the corresponding community.