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#enredandobarrios is a program of community participation and intervention, developed in the neighborhoods of the north and in the southern part of Evila and in the neighborhoods of the Fonts and Houses of the King in Guadalajara.

The program aims to strengthen integral social intervention

The development of #enredandobarrios is structured in the following lines of action:

  • Line 1. Prevention and awareness: Speaking people understand. From hatred to neighborhoods: #barriosinodio.>
    • #Vaccinatraladiscrimination, where on the occasion of the International Day against Racial Discrimination, an awareness action was launched in I.E.S Vasco de la Zarza in which 140 students of the 1st of the E.S.O. They need to acquire and take care of the values ​​of values ​​of empathy, tolerance, respect, coexistence and integration as a vaccine against discrimination.


    • PowerPoint presentations for each intervention in educational centers or the program’s dissemination material. Good practices in the management of cultural diversity “and” Manual of Strategies: Committed Neighborhoods “. From Uruguay, he told stories that broke racist stereotypes and prejudices and racist prejudices.
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