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Awareness of migration to rural schools; DIVERSUM TERRA


Solidarity Foundation Foundation


Awareness of migrating fact in schools in rural areas; DIVERSUM land


This project, from a multidisciplinary approach, proposes to work on the awareness of the migratory act of students through the following educational activities:

  • Creation and allocation of educational materials of intercultural consciousness, available to the educational community, students and families.
  • Real stories told in the first person


The Solidaritat Farmers Foundation with this project, through recreational and educational dynamics, presents cultural diversity as a source of knowledge and as an opportunity to exchange experiences and enrich us of values ​​of different cultures.


  • Life Stories – Biblioga Terra Kit. By immigrants. Through the participation and enjoyment of games of different countries.
  • Stories and puppets – Tuppets Disiversum Terra. Through stories of fictional characters that involve and approach children in the acquisition of values.
  • Intercultural games contest: game cards and dadum dadum earth. Through artistic, creative and research activities, improving intercultural awareness.


  • The Foundation Solidarity Farmers
  • C/Riu Besos, 22,25001 Lleida
  • T. 973 288 202
  • https: //

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